Carpet & upholstery

We are experts in cleaning any type of carpet or upholstery.

Deep Clean: At each visit we will deep clean two rooms. Clean baseboards, edge carpet against baseboards, window coverings, vacuum inside of couches, chairs, etc. and clean entire cabinetry and doors. Deep clean all items. 

Leave it to the professionals: If you have a job to do such as exterior house painting, you are better off finding a contractor. The financial cost that you will incur will be far less than the emotional and physical costs you will endure trying to attempt it yourself. And when hiring a professional, consider their skill set and what else they may be able to provide you with. If there are well versed on pressure washing, consider having them prepare your deck as well. We could do literal damage to our most expensive investment by attempting to do it ourselves. By contracting a full service contractor, you can be rest assured that it will be done correctly. 

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How we clean your home

commercial cleaning

Clean businesses attract customers – and they're healthier for your employees!

Enjoy your free time: Exterior house painting is a task not many of us want to volunteer for. Hours in the sun on a ladder spreading paint on the sides of a house is not how most of us dream of spending our free time. Aside from that, though, there are many fine details that go overlooked when we try to undergo the task by ourselves. From the correct choice of paints for our environment and weather conditions to proper paint prep and everything in between, we'd spend weeks if not months trying to learn it ourselves. Professionals do this type of work day in, day out and have honed their skills to give you the best possible results.

window cleaning

We have window-cleaning solutions for every kind of building up to 3 stories.

market presentation CLeaning

Let us get your home ready to look it's best before you list for sale.

Experience says a lot about a company: No matter the job, we have the first hand knowledge and professional crew to get it done correctly. Whether it's time to refresh the old and wearing paint on the exterior of your home or bring new life to the interior walls, we are fully dedicated to your needs. We have worked diligently on seeking out the best professionals to serve you  and would love the opportunity to show you what we can do. Our quality of workmanship speaks volumes to the level of professionalism we will bring to your project. We take pride in our work and it shows. From the paints that we use to properly preparing the surface for its new facelift, we meticulously strive for an unmatched attention to detail. Our employees are the best the area has to offer and you will feel completely comfortable with them working in or around your home.

Move in & move out cleaning

We'll use some elbow grease to make everything right as rain.

Keep it green:

Concerned about your footprint on our Earth? Not to worry, Excel Services Network provides a “Green Clean” service which uses a full line of completely “Green” cleaning products. Be sure to inquire about this unique service if you are concerned with living Green, and minimizing your footprint.

Looking for something not listed?:

We have created a list of some of the services we provide, however, do not become dismayed if the service you are interested in is not listed here…. We can customize the services we provide for you to suite your precise needs. Please give us a call or contact us using our convenient online form to inquire about our house cleaning services. 

Bathrooms: Clean vanity, sink, mirrors and cabinets. Clean and polish faucets and vanity items. Clean and disinfect toilets, tubs, tile and showers. Dust light fixtures and wash all floors.

residential cleaning

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annual, and anything in between - you choose!

Clean outer surfaces or appliances, sills, sinks, cabinets and shelves. Wash floors.

Excel Services Network's interior and exterior painting service is owner operated, and we take pride in the service that we provide. We have a passion for painting and are dedicated to giving 100% effort to your interior and exterior painting requests. All painting services that Excel Services Network provide include prep work, painting, and cleanup.

Kitchen: Clean counter tops, sinks, tiled areas, appliances, stovetop and drip pans. Inside door edge of major appliances, inside of microwave. Clean cabinets, tables and chairs. Clean and polish faucets backsplashes and sills. Vacuum and wash all floors..

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Entire Home: Clean door knobs, door jambs, switch plates, glass and mirrored surfaces. Spot clean walls and doors. Dust all high areas, wall hangings, collectables, light fixtures and picture frames. Polish tables and furnishings. Vacuum all floor areas, sofas and chairs. Wash all tile and hardwood floors.

Understand the task at hand: One of the most important aspects of exterior house painting is surface prep. What's done at this step will be visible throughout the job and for many years to come. With pressure washers becoming more readily available to the masses, most think there's not that much to using one but we'd be wrong. Pressure washing actually is a task that requires intimate knowledge of both what you are washing and the machine you are using. From correct soap to correct soap ratios, the correct tip, correct flow rates, and various other factors, everything must be accounted for or there could be detrimental results. Professionals know their equipment and know what's required of the job you wish to be performed.

painting services

Protect your investment: Our home is usually our biggest investment. Not only that, but it's our safety blanket, the place we look forward to coming to at the end of the day, our own personal sanctuary. They are a place of pride as much as they are a piece of property. Because of this, we want to keep them looking their best. Sure, there are plenty of tasks that we can tackle ourselves but some, like exterior house painting and pressure washing, should be best left to the professionals. Not only can these two tasks be laborious and monotonous, many of us dont have the working knowledge required to bring us the result we desire.